Our Platform

Our platform gathers industrial process data to help you analyze and visualize it. We want to be the solution of machinery breakdown and downtime by completing the IIoT cycle with an
IIoT+ML dashboard.

Holistic platform

The platform is always analysing incoming data and providing features such as graphs and tables for collaborator use, accessible at any time via the platform website accessible through any device.

By detecting abnormal behaviors we allow manufacturers to tackle together the risks that affect their business, reducing OPEX by reducing or eliminating downtime.

Our predictive analytics is complemented by a simple and easy to use work order functionalities to start implementing predictive maintenance in your factories.


Inrobin offers a platform to create predictive alarms and alerts of anomalies of your machinery.

The platform delivers alerts as soon as they appear so the collaborator is always informed about what is going to happen to their asset based on the variables the collaborator is monitoring. Platform graphs, tables, and information can be incorporated into collaborator reports.
Inrobin is constantly developing these features and will develop new features as well. Inrobin announces the maintenance times beforehand via a platform pop-up, SMS and email.

How it works?

IIoT technology

We aim at being at intersection between industry and insurance, and for that reason we will be able to offer a wide spectrum of connectivity. To say: MQTT, OPC UA, OPC DA,Modbus, BACnet, Ethernet IP, Allen Bradleyand MT Connect.

Get in touch!

If you are a manufacturer and want to try our BETA version get in touch with a member of our team.


Send us an email to hello@inrobin.com and we will schedule a call with your insurance or engineering team.